Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Monkeys

For those of you that have known me for awhile, you already know that I make and sell monkeys online.  I've been working really hard the past few weeks trying to catch up on all of my orders that I have coming in.   Well, my orders are still coming in and I am booked up with orders until at least July of this year.   It's been amazing and wonderful the way that my business has grown over the past year.
I wouldn't be where I am today without my wonderful fan base over at my Facebook page.  If you don't follow me on Facebook, I would love to see you over there!  Here's my link   Kim's Funky Monkys.   I thought I would just make a quick blog with some pictures of some monkeys that I have been working on so that you can see what I should be sewing instead of playing online.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on 
here from time to time.  
I hope to have some giveaways 
and product reviews soon.

Enjoy the pictures!  
I would love the feedback!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping for bar stools.

We moved into our new house about 6 months ago. We love it! It's much bigger than our other house and we don't feel like we are bursting at the seams anymore. The one thing that I love about this house is the breakfast bar.   It's a great place to have the kids sit and eat breakfast in the mornings.  And a wonderful place for them to sit and watch me plus help me cook dinner.  Oh and I love it for homework!   I can work on dinner and help the oldest with his work at the same time.  I have to multitask as much as I can so I can get back to sewing all of those monkeys for y'all. 

I was recently contacted by CSN Stores to do a product review for them.   Well what was the first thing  that I thought of?  Something for the breakfast bar!   I've been looking for some home bar furniture every since we first moved in.  I want something that goes well with the room but, I also want something that my kids can't ruin in a month.  I can't get over all of the wonderful bar stools that they have!  I love this bar stool!  
And this one is so cute!  

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be shopping around for awhile for bar stools.  I'm way to picky.  lol  
Be watching for a great product review from CSN Stores!   

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swagbucks 101

Here's a great introduction to Swagbucks for everyone!

Swagbucks 101

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hints for my Swag Bucks friends.

I have a lot of friends that ask me about Swag Bucks everyday. I decided that I'll type up a blog with tips of what I do to get more Swag Bucks. I hope this helps all of you get more Swag Bucks so that you can get some goodies at :)

If you haven't joined Swag Bucks yet, I highly recommend it. It's really easy!
I earned enough Swagbucks last year from August to December to get all of my kids Chirstmas presents!!!

Search & Win

Do you do the survey of the day? You have a chance of getting 76 Swag Bucks each day. I don't qualify very often for it but, when I do I love it! lol All that you do is go under the tab Earn, then Special Offers, then TapJoy. You'll see survey of the day there. You can try it every day.

At midnight (Central Time) every night I search on Swag Bucks a bunch for about 20 minuets and usually get 2 to 3 chances of Swag Bucks doing that.

Then, I refresh my tool bar, right click Swag Bucks on the left of your tool bar and then click refresh tool bar. You get 1 swag buck for that.

Then, I do the daily poll. It's under the earn tab at the bottom. You get 1 swag buck for that.

Then, I click trusted surveys. It's under the earn tab and then trusted surveys. You don't have to do any surveys. You get one swag buck automatically for that.

Finally, I click NOSO under the earn tab and click through all the stuff there. I never sign up for any of it. At the end you get 1 swag buck for that.

Ok I'm going to copy this and post it on my blog. I don't want to have to retype it. lol Remember when you help your referrals out it helps you out too!

Happy Swagging!

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Happy Shopping!!