Monday, January 3, 2011

Hints for my Swag Bucks friends.

I have a lot of friends that ask me about Swag Bucks everyday. I decided that I'll type up a blog with tips of what I do to get more Swag Bucks. I hope this helps all of you get more Swag Bucks so that you can get some goodies at :)

If you haven't joined Swag Bucks yet, I highly recommend it. It's really easy!
I earned enough Swagbucks last year from August to December to get all of my kids Chirstmas presents!!!

Search & Win

Do you do the survey of the day? You have a chance of getting 76 Swag Bucks each day. I don't qualify very often for it but, when I do I love it! lol All that you do is go under the tab Earn, then Special Offers, then TapJoy. You'll see survey of the day there. You can try it every day.

At midnight (Central Time) every night I search on Swag Bucks a bunch for about 20 minuets and usually get 2 to 3 chances of Swag Bucks doing that.

Then, I refresh my tool bar, right click Swag Bucks on the left of your tool bar and then click refresh tool bar. You get 1 swag buck for that.

Then, I do the daily poll. It's under the earn tab at the bottom. You get 1 swag buck for that.

Then, I click trusted surveys. It's under the earn tab and then trusted surveys. You don't have to do any surveys. You get one swag buck automatically for that.

Finally, I click NOSO under the earn tab and click through all the stuff there. I never sign up for any of it. At the end you get 1 swag buck for that.

Ok I'm going to copy this and post it on my blog. I don't want to have to retype it. lol Remember when you help your referrals out it helps you out too!

Happy Swagging!


Ashley said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. Today I finally surpassed 1000 swagbucks. Can't wait to save up a TON so I can get some gift cards

Mippy said...

Thank you for the tips Kim!
I needed them! :D

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