Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping for bar stools.

We moved into our new house about 6 months ago. We love it! It's much bigger than our other house and we don't feel like we are bursting at the seams anymore. The one thing that I love about this house is the breakfast bar.   It's a great place to have the kids sit and eat breakfast in the mornings.  And a wonderful place for them to sit and watch me plus help me cook dinner.  Oh and I love it for homework!   I can work on dinner and help the oldest with his work at the same time.  I have to multitask as much as I can so I can get back to sewing all of those monkeys for y'all. 

I was recently contacted by CSN Stores to do a product review for them.   Well what was the first thing  that I thought of?  Something for the breakfast bar!   I've been looking for some home bar furniture every since we first moved in.  I want something that goes well with the room but, I also want something that my kids can't ruin in a month.  I can't get over all of the wonderful bar stools that they have!  I love this bar stool!  
And this one is so cute!  

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be shopping around for awhile for bar stools.  I'm way to picky.  lol  
Be watching for a great product review from CSN Stores!   


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Nikki said...

I recently won a gc to CSN from another blog, right before Christmas. They have awesome customer service and the stuff came super fast. I think you'll be happy!

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