Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vital IDs from Belly Charms

My oldest son will be going on his very first field trip to the Dallas Arboretum this month.  He is SO excited and can't wait to ride the school bus.   I'm very thankful that the school is letting me tag along with him on this special day.   The gardens are just beautiful there and I know that he will enjoy it.

The teacher has asked all of us to wear the same color that day so that we can all stay together as a group.  Well, I wanted to go a step further to make sure that my son would have my information in case he got seperated from the group.  He knows his Mom's and Dad's names and phone numbers, address etc.   But, I wanted another something to reassure me that he had the information on hand.

In the past I have written our information down and tucked it into my little one's pockets when we went out to the fair, mall, park, etc.  I've even written down everything and folded it up and stapled it to their shirts.   (They didn't like that.  It was way to scratchy.)

I have been a long time reader of a blog named Belly Charms.  Sonya has two little boys close to my boy's ages and I can relate to a lot of her day to day blogs.   Plus, she makes the most beautiful bracelets that I have ever seen!   Oh and of course, she sells Belly Charms for those cool Mom's to be that have wear belly button rings.

Sonya also sells these really cool bracelets for kids and adults as well.  Vital IDs are wonderful!   They come in really great colors so that the kids will think they are cool.  The Vital IDs come with a card that you can fill out with all of your important information.  You just slide the card into the bracelet and then velcro the bracelet on.  It's really strong and stays on all day long.  Plus, they are waterproof!  I knew that these bracelets would be perfect for my boys for field trips and vacations.

We got the bracelets in the mail and my boys wanted to wear them right away.   They love them!   They think they are really cool!  Which is great and it makes me feel just a little bit safer knowing that they have their bracelets on.  Plus, I keep the Vital IDs in my purse so when we are out and about at the mall, etc. I have them put their bracelets on.     

It was a really sunny day and they couldn't keep from
squinting their eyes. lol

Please visit Sonya over at her blog and let her know that Kim from Kim's FunkyMonkys sent you or Kim from I Should Be Sewing.  I highly recommend her Vital IDs and her other merchandise as well.


Belly Charms said...

Great post Kim. Thanks so much and your boys are just too cute. I am so glad they like wearing them. Have a great field trip. I know you will have fun.

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