Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I want to be in the Kindle Bzz Campaign.

I have been a Bzz Agent since it first started online years ago.   I LOVE being a Bzz Agent!   My family and friends love me being a Bzz Agent because they get to learn about new things and get cool coupons along the way.   

Bzz Agent has a new campaign coming up for the Kindle.  OMG!!!   I would LOVE to be in that Bzz campaign!   I would talk about the Kindle and Bzz Agent to everyone that I know and people that I don't know.

I'm on the PTA board at my kids school.  The next meeting that I have the Kindle I will totally talk all about it and let everyone know about Bzz Agent as well.

When I drop my kids off at school and pick them up.   I stand in front of the school talking to all of the other parents.  I would take the Kindle with me and talk to them about it and all about Bzz Agent as well.

My two Facebook pages that I have, one for personal with 229 friends and one for my craft business with 2,700 friends.  I would talk to them all about the Kindle and link the chats back to Bzz Agent.

My Twitter page, I have 27 followers.  They will all know about the Kindle and Bzz Agent.

My blog that has 61 followers.   Well, they are seeing this blog post now and they will see many more if I get into the Kindle Bzz campaign.

Family and friends, will hear all about the Kindle and Bzz Agent.

Random strangers at the stores will hear all about it.

Cross walking guards will hear all about it.

I think I've made my point.

Please Bzz Agent, let me be in the Kindle campaign!

If you haven't heard about Bzz Agent, please ask me.  I would love to tell you all about it!



Whitney said...

I just had to pop over and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. That was so sweet of you to share your encouraging words with me, and it truly meant a lot. Thank you thank you friend!

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